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What's the story with Bumpey ?

Haven’t we all been there at some stage? A boring, time wasting queue. Stuck looking at the rear of someone else’s head in a queue whilst glancing at your phone or watch thinking “I really wish I didn’t have to wait around for this!” ?

I am a big sports fan but one day in a stadium I had just had enough. Waiting in a line (with hardly any movement) for a drink and a burger, all I could think of was “I am missing the match here, this pint is hardly going to be worth it”. And I wasn’t the only one who thought this as loads of people left the back of the queue and went back to their seat. The part that was taking the longest for the cashier was accepting the order and then taking payment. The rest of the operation was slick as the food was just waiting to go. What a waste of sales for the vendor who had willing customers and yet would probably end up throwing out some food as people got tired of queuing and went back to their seats.

Then it hit me.

Surely there has to be a way of allowing people to use their phone to order and pay for their food or drink? And then just go collect from a dedicated area or fast lane. I had just been looking at the comeback of QR codes in marketing and wondered – surely I could build a quick launch web order system so people could  without having to download an app? Use QR to launch the system? Even if vendors had an app developed, that meant consumers had to download and register on an app and not many would be up for that at a game!

After some research on the ground at rugby games in Ireland and the UK (yes, I was that guy with a clipboard you saw asking you if you had a minute for a quick survey) I could see there was certainly an appetite for online ordering and certainly no appetite for long queues. So, we made our first demo product for showing to Thomond Park Limerick. The guys in Thomond Park were brilliant and were open to the idea so they allowed us to demo the software with a section of the crowd at a game. I have to admit, our first version looked clunky. It was beyond basic but there was a really positive reaction to it. The two points people liked most was the speed and simple to use functionality.

So, the idea of Bumpey was born. A fast, simple order system without an app having to be downloaded. We have since adapted it to the full e-commerce suite so we can sell any product range from clothes to takeaways. As one of our customers said once – “it’s like an app for my business but without having to get customers to download an app”.

And the name Bumpey? That comes from “Bump the Queue” which was the original idea for the technology.


We are proud of what we do and the service we deliver at Bumpey so if you would like to find out more – please drop us a line and we would be delighted to help in any way we can.

Joe Cleary, Founder.

Joe Cleary
Founder &
Friction Hater

I love helping make things smoother. Using our experience in online sales, we do that for businesses every day.

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